Trust our experts to help you design a system that works for you and your budget. P&R provides the following design services:

  • Consulting – during this time we will sit with you to determine what you need, the specifications it needs to meet and the budget you need to work within.
  • Studies – we are able to provide path studies for wireless links; coverage studies for radio systems and BDA/DAS networks; intermodulation studies to ensure compatibility for new and existing equipment; RF emission safety studies; and much more
  • Auditing & Testing – we provide you with peace of mind with site and system audits that can also include testing & recording of the equipment’s state of operation
  • Design – we can provide you with a total system design, complete with studies, estimates and equipment specifications During the system design process, it’s our philosophy to constantly be talking to you about our findings, options and next steps. We do not design systems in a vaccum, we prefer it to be a collaborative effort with our customers.