Our guarantee to you is that the equipment you rent from us is meticulously maintained and tested for operational efficiency before it leaves our doors. We offer you the latest in 2-way technology in order to help you manage your specific event with ease!
Depending on your specific application, we can offer you portables, base stations, repeaters, headsets, multi-unit chargers, remote speaker microphones, and surveillance speaker microphones, as well as related accessories you might need such as extra batteries and carrying cases.

We offer several different models of Motorola portable radios in VHF, UHF and 900MHz to meet all of your communications needs. These can be programmed for either on-site coverage or wide-area coverage depending on your specific need!

Base Stations
Base stations are ideal for on-site applications such as a command center. No batteries to charge and more powerful than a portable radio.

Repeaters increase the range and capabilities of your portable communications, solving coverage problems. It can also become a base station and communicate with other radios in the field.

Frees up operators hands and provides sound clarity in noisy environments. The user can transmit with the radio’s internal VOX capability or with the Push-To-Talk button.

Remote Speaker Microphones
Attaches to the operator’s clothing for louder audio and easier accessibility to the Push-To-Talk button. Eliminates the need to remove the radio from a belt for use.

Surveillance Microphones
The earpiece is accompanied with a microphone so you needn¹t take the radio off the belt for use. Just press the Push-To-Talk on the lapel microphone.

Multiple unit battery chargers
Multiple unit battery chargers are simply that -- a unit for re-charging several portables at one time.
Don’t know what you need? Let us help you design a rental solution customized for your specific event or circumstances!