At P&R we are proud to partner with our customers to create solutions that solve their needs. Sometimes, in order to provide the best solution, while also having it be affordable, we must develop products not readily available in the market. Thankfully, we have several brilliant engineering minds on our team that not only can do this, but love to do it. Here are a few examples to show you what we’re talking about!

For schools, we were looking at ways in which we could help them to alert first responders faster in case of an emergency. We researched options, talked to both our school and first responder customers, leveraged our expertise of the local radios systems, and then developed what we affectionately refer to as the “Brad Box.” This product is named after one of our technicians, Brad Hayslett, who passed away in September 2018 – Brad was the lead technician on the development of this solution. We currently use this solution in multiple schools to expand the reach of their primary emergency radio. For instance, at Incarnation School in Centerville, Ohio, we expanded the reach of the emergency radio that is located in the front office. This radio is tied to the local dispatch center for immediate response. The capabilities of that radio are now in the hands of the teachers in the hallways, parking lots, and playgrounds, as well as the leadership team. That way if a teacher is out on the playground and an emergency happens, first responders can immediately be notified rather than that teacher having to run inside to the front office to set off the radio. In addition, we connected the school-wide loudspeaker so that the entire school can instantaneously be alerted to the emergency situation and begin their lockdown procedures. This solution is creating faster response time in a day and age when every second matters.

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In keeping with our creative product names, we have also developed what we call the “Glenn Box,” once again affectionately named after one of our greatest employees, Glenn Hochwalt, who retired from P&R in 2005. The Glenn Box provides a lower-cost alternative to our Fire/EMS customers for VHF alerting in their stations, and has been deployed in many of our surrounding departments. The Glenn Box was developed out of a need for our customers to have a reliable, lower cost house alerting system that did more than what was currently on the market. The Glenn Box can be universally paired with a number of different inputs and outputs to fit a departments specific needs. Want us to turn off the stove when everyone goes on a run? We can do that with the Glenn Box! Leveraging our ingenuity, local radio system expertise and customer feedback, we were able to develop a solution that has helped many Fire/EMS customers in the area.

Beyond these examples, we have created customized solutions for our customers many times throughout the years. We consistently communicate to our employees how important it is to always be innovating for our customers, and the solutions we come up with are a result of that!