Our History

In 1961, P&R was founded by Paul Reeves and Robert Pahren, hence the name P&R Communications. The company was established in an old gas station on the corner of East First Street and Meigs Street. The foundation of the company was as an Authorized Sales and Service Shop for Motorola and flourished as such. In 1990, Steve and David Reeves purchased the company from their father and mother, Paul & Joan, and took over as co-owners of P&R. In 2016, Steve Reeves retired and today Katie Ward and Daniel Reeves join David Reeves as third-generation owners of the company.

We have worked diligently to set ourselves apart as a consultative, comprehensive wireless solutions provider. We have grown substantially from our founding days to employ over 50 people in three locations – Dayton, Sidney and Toledo. We have diversified our product portfolio, our resources and our capabilities. In addition, we have expanded our wireless reach to include over 14 tower sites across the region.

Much of our success is attributed to our ability to consistently recognize and understand the need of continual growth and adaptation in our ever-changing industry. Our promise to you is that we will continue to bring you the latest, most technologically advanced solutions available in the marketplace in order to provide you with the seamless, reliable communication you require and deserve. P&R has the technical expertise, range of products, stability and resources to be the long-term wireless partner that you require.

Our Culture

P&R’s culture has shifted through the years, but there have always been foundational principles that we believe in. Our families, our customers, our communities and our continual drive to be the best at what we do. Our vision, mission and core values drive us on a daily basis. We love to share them with you!


P&R Communications will be the region’s most revered partner for critical communications.


To have an unparalleled, meaningful impact on our customers’ daily lives and future progress.


  • We build people up
  • We are technically strong
  • We have ideas, are creative
  • We are personally invested in our work
  • We know our customers better than anyone else

Our Team

We started with a small team at 731 East First Street in Dayton many years ago. Today, we employ over 50 amazing people in three locations. The company is owned by David Reeves (2nd generation), Daniel Reeves (3rd generation) and Katie Ward (3rd generation). The Leadership Team at P&R meets weekly and helps drive the company’s direction and progress.

P&R’s Leadership Team

Our Work

In an effort to pass on the standards and level of expertise that has made us successful through our 50+ years, our technicians go through a laborious mentoring & training program. As part of this, we make sure that we pass on the practices that have set our installation work apart – things like the “standard is excellence” and “The P&R Way”. With this as our foundation, we can continue to provide the high level of quality that our customers have come to expect from us. Below are a few examples of the work that we do. If your installation does not match this level of workmanship, please reach out to us!